Wanted: Designer

3 Feb

We are:

•    Barapani, a young company that uses communication for social change

•    Looking for a graphics designer based in Bangalore

You are:

•    A designer with a clean, minimal sense of design who can put the client’s need above your own

•    Completely familiar with Illustrator and Photoshop, and can resist the temptation to use fade and emboss everywhere

•    A whiz with typography, and do not use Comic Sans MS. Anywhere.

•    Fanatical about detail and take pride in producing work free of error

A typical workday might see you:

•    Pull together a brand identity for an organisation

•    Work with the creative team to develop a communications strategy for a campaign

•    Come up with concepts for and design a brochure, annual report, direct mailer, newsletter, poster or website

•    Make decisions on paper and colour and coordinate with printers

We don’t mind if you

•    Have just passed out of college

•    Have never been to college

But we do insist that you

•    Work out of our office and keep regular hours

If you think you fit the bill, mail me (bharati@barapani.com) a CV with samples of your work before 15 February 2011.


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