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How to raise funds, one word at a time

19 Mar

I CAN in the UK runs an ‘Adopt a Word’ campaign that provides a different spin on the sponsorship scheme. You can (excuse the pun), the campaign says, exclusively own a bit of the English language for just £15!

The campaign is brilliant in its simplicity.

    1. Search for a word to adopt: I typed in ‘happy’ for a start, and was told that I could own the word ‘happy’ for a whole year, for just £15! If I wasn’t sure about ‘happy’, the website offered me delighted, enchanted, rapt and cock-a-hoop as alternatives. How British. Charmed.
    2. Once you pay up, Adopt a Word sends you an official adoption certificate.
    3. Your donation goes to help children who have difficulty in communication.

We all want to mark territory. Turning this very human desire into a fundraising opportunity is a stroke of genius.

I CAN promotes the campaign through:

1. A separate website for the campaign


2. A very active Twitter presence with 7,239 tweets, following 1,849 people and with 2,297 followers.

Tweet we liked: If you are looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift, then you could always adopt him a word!


3.  A Facebook page that could do better:


They’ve put the word out on Youtube…


… and you get to flaunt it on your T-shirt or mug.

Image Image


The campaign has so far led to 4,683 words being adopted, raising £70,425 for I CAN (that’s Rs 56 lakh for you.)

Much more fun than writing a proposal, don’t you think?

But if you still think fundraising is all about proposal writing, I’ve got a word for you to adopt. Muggle. (It’s available; we checked.)

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