We were so wrong about this website.. and we’re thrilled to bits

6 May

Ten months ago, we wrote a feature titled “Once and for all, websites do raise money.”

At the time, the website that we’d built for one of our clients, HOPE foundation, had been launched and was performing well, as we’d expected. Donations went up by 396% between April and May 2013, compared to the same period the previous year.

The rise in donations through the website was due to a combination of factors:

  • The focus of work was articulated very clearly – as was the reason why HOPE foundation exists.
  • Achievements were highlighted.
  • All key information was available at a single click, with an option to read more on mouse-over.
  • The interface was clutter-free, with smart icons representing each area of work.
  • Every page had a combination of elements that talked to both the head and the heart.
  • A Facebook strategy highlighting achievements and stories was launched around the same time.
  • Overall, HOPE foundation’s communication with donors was streamlined, with relationship building at its core.

 But as it turns out, a year later, we were absolutely wrong about how well the website was performing.

Compared to the previous year (ending March 2013), the new website, which went live in mid March, saw an increase in donations by 941% in the year ending March 2014. Oh yeah.

And this is with just Phase 1 of the website’s development – once Phase 2 kicks in, we’ll watch the results closely. And you can watch this space.


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