We raise funds together!

19 Jan

If you ask the team at SSH – Society for Serving Humanity, “Who does the fundraising?” the answer is likely to be: “We all do!”

The SSH team has an annual fundraising target. The team meets sometime in August, decides on a day for local fundraising, and sets personal targets. The day is designated as Local Resource Mobilisation Day.

The day

  • The staff identifies local donors and philanthropists, meets each person face-to-face and talks to them about the situation of children and women living with HIV. They give out brochures and close with an invitation to visit their work.
  • Once a person becomes a donor, they introduce the team to their friends and relatives.
  • SSH keeps in touch with all individual donors through thank you letters and greeting cards made by the children.

 The people

  • Faith-based organisations
  • School teachers
  • Community members
  • Anganwadi workers
  • Self-Help Groups
  • Panchayat Presidents
  • Poultry Owners’ Association and Lorry Owners’ Association
  • Lions Club, Rotary Club, Youth Club
  • Donation boxes in schools and colleges
  • Medical associations
  • Jewellery shops, textiles and stationery shops

The money

  • SSH raised Rs 3.74 lakh in all, out of which Rs 1.70 lakh was raised from Dindigul and Rs 2.03 lakh from Namakkal districts.

Society for Serving Humanity works to improve health, provide education and enable communities (mostly people living with HIV/ AIDS) generate an income and lead a life with justice and equality in selected villages of Dindigul and Namakkal districts.

– Ranjini Victor


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