Size does matter

15 Nov

The last time I watched Godzilla rampaging on screen I wondered how it would be if the monster were not so huge.

The thing is, I am convinced it would earn pride of place in a local zoo as a tiny little mutant lizard, and people would actually pay money to see it.

As an analogy, I think this applies perfectly to Annual Reports – the larger it is the scarier it is! And of course no supporter has the time or patience to trudge through all 48 pages.

The Tactical Technology Collective’s 2009 poster-size Report is a pleasant contrast to the customary bulky Annual Report.
Replete with bright colours and a simple yet intelligent design, this is something I would actually consider pasting on my wall, rather than just junking it as waste for the paperwallah. And imagine how much you save on printing and posting!

Recently, I came across a template of a postcard size Annual Report, thanks to my good friends Ranjini and Google. I was floored by the concept– smaller than an A4 sized sheet but with all the critical information you want to pass on. For everything else there is always your website.

So keep it short and simple. And see how much goodwill you generate.

P. S. Here is the template of the postcard size Annual Report, definitely something people are sure to read.


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